2016 went out with a bang in the colored pencil world! I have never seen so many FREE tutorials and speed drawing videos published in one month, as I did in December.

I think quite a few artists got a head-start on their New Year’s resolution to create and share videos of their artwork. So it is time for the rest of us to catch up and start drawing!

Here is a sneak preview of some of the amazing art created last month.


If you want to go straight to the video roundup of 42 free colored pencil art tutorials, click on the December 2016 playlist at https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLnaLC2x9a737F5TtzGe0cCE2mJtcIek6o. You can also save the playlist and watch it whenever you want.

However, if you have a few more minutes to continue reading, here are 3 stand-out artists and Youtubers that you don’t want to miss!

This beautiful star princess is Joshua Dansby first video tutorial. He only started vlogging and creating tutorials in November 2016. He did a great job for his first tutorial, wouldn’t you say? So let’s support him by subscribing and maybe he will make more star-worthy videos for us to watch.

I cannot tell you too much about the artist drawholic because, unfortunately, I don’t speak Korean or any other language besides English for that matter. The South Korean creator has been posting video tutorials for about a year now. This month I selected three of his video uploads. This young man does beautiful work, so check out his many speed drawing videos. No special language skills necessary.

Heather Rooney is arguably the queen of speed drawing videos and probably birthed the trend. At the very least, she popularized speed drawing videos and forged the way for many artists to successfully copy her. Heather has been posting videos for about four years now and has a global audience of more than one million subscribers. That’s a pretty amazing accomplishment for any YouTuber! Heather received her B.A. in Studio Art at Emmanuel College, Boston, Massachusetts. While most college students used their free-time to watch TV or party, Heather picked up colored pencil and started drawing portraits. She is most-well known for creating stunning photorealistic drawings of famous celebrities. In this video, the 23 year-old creator captured her own beautiful self on paper.

Below is the playlist with all 42 videos. All you have to do is hit play.

Each colored pencil artist deserves a big hand for taking the time to educate and inspire us. So remember to like and subscribe to get more free videos from your favorite creators. Also, subscribe to me here on WordPress and on YouTube to watch more roundup videos at the end of each month.

My New Year’s resolution in 2017 is to create a stand-alone YouTube channel for Colored Pencil Enthusiast where I curate colored pencil videos by topic. Not only will I continue to upload my monthly tutorial favorites, but I also plan on curating playlists for all sorts of subjects that will help CP artists grow in this medium – like blending techniques and how to draw fur, portraits, landscapes, water, etc.

Do you have anything specific topics you would like me to cover? Let me know in the comments section below.

Here is to a great 2017!

Happy drawing, Melissa


Melissa LeGates is a professional writer and retired Air Force journalist. She specializes in long-form features and loves to write about living a victorious Christian life, art and health. She and her husband live in Delaware. In her free time, she is a student of colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oils.

She is also an avid blogger and currently maintains three blogs:

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