January kicked off this year with 79 quality video uploads, plus a special treat — the pint-sized, social media diva Cami Dee busted out on the colored pencil art scene.

I’m guessing Cami is all about 8 years old. Geez, I was still probably eating glue at that age. Am I alone in this?

Miss Dee didn’t even break a sweat when she shared her love for coloring books with YouTube land. Kind of gives you an incentive to get moving on your goals, right?

This month was also jammed packed with awe-inspiring portraits, mixed-media art projects, product reviews, time-saving tips, as well as lessons in sketchbook management and techniques from artists embracing everything from contemporary to the old world master’s tricks like green underdrawings.

There is a fabulous range of videos from beginners to intermediate to advanced, plus great information on how to run a successful podcast and YouTube channel.


We also learned about a new website called Kit.com that makes sharing product recommendations with other artists a breeze.

If you want to watch all 79 videos right now, just click on the YouTube arrow in the center of the playlist. Then you can select whatever video you would like to watch by scrolling up or down on the right-hand side of the screen.

However, if you have a few moments to keep reading below, I preview three videos in more detail and a breakdown of Kit.com that you won’t want to miss. 

I have to give a shout out to YouTube channel Fun Times with Cami Dee. Her YouTube description says, (I) try to post videos every week. Have fun watching. Art /duct tape/toy reviews with my sister and more.”

Cami is our youngest YouTuber on the list, but she has got mad skills already.

This young lady has obviously listened and learned what to do from other successful YouTubers and is up on her social media etiquette. For starters, she lists her publication frequency, casually describes what her channel offers, and nonchalantly asks people to like and share her videos. The grand finale is she remembers to ask people to subscribe to her channel at the end.

She has only been publishing videos since like a hot minute ago (October 2016) and currently has 13 subscribers. However, I expect to see big things for this tenacious darling in the future. Why not help her out and like and subscribe. I am sure it would make her day. Her video has certainly made mine!

I heart the YouTube channel, Chloe Rose Art.

She is definitely a gal who doesn’t take herself too seriously. Mrs. Rose is a self-taught 23-year-old artist who is a self-described geek. She loves drawing and painting Disney characters and watching Dr. Who.

I suspect her parody of artists video is sure to elicit a giggle or two or three from you.


It is not hard to figure out that Will Stoller from Unmask Art is one of my favorite YouTubers/colored pencil artists. He is a humble guy and all around decent human being.

I have covered him several times before, and I will probably do so in the future because he is dedicated to teaching others and thinks outside the box. I am pointing out his work this month for three notable reasons.

ONE, Will has recently been testing out Brush and Pencil’s Advanced Colored Pencil Textured Fixative ($15.95 plus shipping). I will warn you that you will need to use your hand to close your mouth when you see the total sticker price for one can. For most locations, shipping can exceed the actual product price. Plus, Brush and Pencil cannot currently ship overseas. I know, bummer!

However, for those of who can get your hands on the textured fixative, you should. I use it. It is like lighting in a bottle and it revolutionizes the medium of colored pencil.

This particular fixative is so special because it is the only product that revives the tooth of the paper after it is burnished. When you spray the fixative overtop the first layer, you can successfully draw multiple layers over it. It is truly magic in a bottle.

On this piece, Will actually drew the entire background at once without saving white space for the tree. Then, he sprayed his artwork and drew right over top of the first layer. Without this spray, it is pretty much impossible to use this technique with colored pencil.

TWO, check out his spoon action. At the end, he places random colored pencil shavings on his fall tree exactly where he wants them and then grinds the shavings into the paper with the spoon. It is a great shortcut to save time, plus the end effect looks more organic versus trying to draw out each leaf.

THREE, Will generally includes color swatches along with his videos so you can draw along with him. I think that is pretty great, especially for beginning artists.

I have one more shout out that goes to Sheldene Visagie of Sheldene Fine Art Drawing. I have also featured Sheldene before because, well, she is a natural at cheering people on in their art journey. Plus, she is another awesome human being and overall sweetheart.

There is a reason why these titans of the colored pencil world have large subscriber bases, and we can learn a lot from them.

One artist Rose didn’t mention in her above video is the “lazy artist,” and I will proudly declare I am one of them. I am always looking for a good shortcut to save time and money! Well, Sheldene recently jumped on board with Kit.com to help out us lazy artists.

Kit is a website for creatives who love to discover, discuss and learn about products from people they trust. Kit is not specifically targeted to artists. People with all sorts of diverse interests can make and share kits for their fellow virtual tribe members like traveling, DJing, cooking, cycling, etc.  

Why is Kit the greatest invention for the lazy guy or gal inside you? I’m glad you asked.

 The thoughtful person that Sheldene is she curated all her favorite art products in one location. So when that birthday or Christmas money rolls in, you don’t have to search through her last 30 videos to figure out, “Now, what exactly was her favorite paper or odorless mineral spirit again?” 

The best part about checking out a kit from your favorite Kit artist is all you have to do is click on the provided product link and it will take you right to Amazon or E-bay to purchase it. Done!


If you are a YouTuber, blogger or lover of art, you might consider making a kit for your followers and friends. You can purchase Sheldene’s kit of favorite colored pencil art supplies at https://kit.com/sheldenev.

I think I have given you enough food for thought and creative inspiration for this month. Let me know what your favorite video was down in the comment section below and why. If I didn’t share a video that was posted in January that you loved, please feel free to share your link below as well.

Happy drawing, Melissa

me100px  Melissa LeGates is a professional writer and retired Air Force journalist. She specializes in long-form features and loves to write about living a victorious Christian life, art and health. She and her husband live in Delaware. In her free time, she is a student of colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oils.


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