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Curated videos and blogs by colored pencil artists all over the world


Colored Pencil Enthusiast is dedicated to showcasing artists who use colored pencil in some form in their artwork.

Although we love colored pencil in itself, we are not pure traditionalists here. You are going to find artists working with a mix of materials i.e. colored pencil, pastel, watercolor pencil, ink, paint, powder blender and more.

What you can expect from us: Every month Colored Pencil Enthusiast compiles a list of FREE video tutorials that were released in the previous month. We also showcase various artists throughout the month and compile how-to topical subjects near-and-dear to the artist’s heart like shading and blending, creating realistic skin and fur, color mixing and so much more.

If you are interested in a specific topic and haven’t found it in our past blogs or video playlists, please submit your ideas and requests to the below e-mail.  We love to hear from you!

Why we do what we do: The blog and video channel were created by amateur artist Melissa LeGates, as a method to improve her own art and connect with other art enthusiasts.

Melissa is personally invested in finding tips, tricks and shortcuts to continue to incorporate colored pencil in her artwork, because her hands can only take so much burnishing before her wrists and fingers start to go numb.

Melissa occasionally shares her own projects but the Colored Pencil Enthusiast platform is mainly focused on getting to know other artists and reporting the latest in industry trends and products.

Who we are: Melissa LeGates is a professional writer and retired Air Force journalist. She specializes in long-form features and loves to write about living a victorious Christian life, art and health. She and her husband live in Delaware. In her free time, she is a student of colored pencil, watercolor, acrylics and oils.



Melissa is also an avid blogger and currently maintains three blogs:

– Her writing career:

– The world of colored pencil art and artists:

– PTSD/my first book “Set My Captives Free” launch at

She also maintains a YouTube channel at

You can contact Melissa at or


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